Life Social - Anxiety Facing Drinking
Life Social - Anxiety Facing Drinking Sentient Life Social - Anxiety Facing Drinking Sentient
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Life Social - Anxiety Facing Drinking Sentient

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How can I contact support?

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What is secure validation?

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Why must I supply my phone number or email address to change my password?

Why has the validation code expired?

What should I do if I forget my password or need to change it?

What if my password has expired?

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What is First-time login?

How do I set up individual employees to use the Online Resource Center?

How do I edit or close user accounts?

How often am I required to change my password?

How do I set-up a desktop shortcut to the Online Resource Center?

Credit Card Account Application Questions

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The credit card application was "Approved." What happens next?

How soon can my customer use their new account?

When will my customer receive their credit card in the mail?

Who do I contact if I have been instructed to provide additional information regarding a pending application?

What happens if the application is declined?

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How will I be notified of the credit card application decision?

How do I check to see if the customer already has an account?

Technical Questions

What should I do if I'm having Internet problems that won't let me finish the credit card application?

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I submitted a credit card application but it's not showing up in the Recent Applications page. What should I do now?

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Other questions?

Imagine, the weekend is approaching. After a whole week of hard work, all you want is to relax and disengage from the many thoughts and concerns of your daily lFacing Social Drinking Anxiety - Sentient Life